In House Financing


Program Overview

If you are a customer looking for financing in Killeen, Georgetown , Temple or any of the surrounding areas, then we are the company for you! We have partnered with several finance companies to offer a program to fit every need. Among the several amazing financing options available to our customers, our in house financing program is one of the best. It is offered for select services, and allows our customers flexibility for financing necessary services, without the stress of having to find the entire amount at the time services are provided.


We have made the process for approval pretty simple. If you have a steady income, a decent credit profile, half of the cost of service at signing , and the desire to pay the balance in full in 6 months, than this is the option for you.


*Home owner or co-home owner of property needing services

* Age 18 or older

* US Citizen

* Valid Texas Driver's License

* Steady Income for at least a year, verifiable by Pay stubs and 3 months of bank statements.

* 50% of the total job at signing

* At least 75% of open accounts on credit profile in good standing , with no late payments

* No NSF fees within the past 60 days

* No payments more than 30 days late currently reporting

* No more than 2  credit accounts in collections. Medical collections and bankruptcies that have been discharged will not count against our decision.

* Ability to repay monthly payments

Terms and Fine Print

In house financing is only available for certain services , and up to specific limits. Not all services will qualify. Our minimum amount to be financed is $500 and the maximum amount that can be financed is $5000. There is a loan origination fee of 10% that will be added to the balance of the loan. However, all in house financing is interest free, and no prepayment penalties apply. 

50% of the entire loan balance is required at signing, to include the loan origination fee.

The remaining balance will be split up into 6 equal monthly payments, with the first payment due the month after the services have been completed.

Payments are due on the 3rd of every month, and are considered late if not received by 11:59 pm on the 3rd. 

In the event a payment is paid late, a fee of $35 will be added to the current payment due, and must be paid along with the regular payment to bring the account current.

Loan payments can be submitted either by cash or check. No credit cards will be accepted for loan payments. 

A return check fee will be accessed in the amount of $25 if any payment is returned unpaid., and will be in addition to any other fees that have been accessed on the loan.

In the event the loan goes into default, and remains in default after attempts have been made to collect, buyer agrees that Faith and Hope HVAC Services has the right and obligation to pursue the remaining balance and any fees that have accrued in the manner laid out in the signed loan documents.

Loan Process

* Get bid from our Service technician, to verify the services qualify for our financing plan.

*Contact office for loan application and checklist of documentation needed

*Ensure you have 50% of the loan amount, which will be provided by our office manager along with the appllication form.

*Submit loan application and documentation  via email to attn:KristenWatson

*Office will reach out with an answer within 12 hours if the application was submitted by noon, or by 10am next business day if it was submitted after noon. ( these are max time frames, and will often be sooner)

* Attend meeting with service technician , who will sign loan documents with the home owner, and collect payment. Payment must be in the form of cash or check. Credit cards are not accepted for in house financing.

* Once funds have cleared , the loan is considered fully executed and services can be completed. This can be a same day process depending on the details of the specific situation.

* Enjoy your home that is now equipped with conditioned air once again

* Make sure all payments are remitted by the 3rd of each month. A lock box will be located at the business address of 3610 Selena Dr, Killeen Texas 76549.  If payment is in the lock box by 11:59 on the 3rd , it is considered on time. Please send a text message to 254-350-9815 once payment has been deposited , and include your name, address and loan number .

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